Shem Women's Group - empowering Tibetan women and their communities through grassroots development

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Shem Women's Group

What is Shem?

Shem is a women’s group dedicated to empowering Tibetan women and their communities through grassroots development. We focus on increasing the well-being of people in impoverished communities by providing access to basic needs such as water, fuel, electricity, health care, and basic education. We fulfill our mission by training educated Tibetan women to design, implement, and manage sustainable grassroots development projects that will successfully alleviate the problems that their communities face.

At the village level, while our projects fulfill basic survival needs for village women and their families, our project managers—educated Tibetan women—present villagers with strong female role models. The work of these young women raises villager’s confidence in women’s abilities and encourages villagers to value women’s education.

At the university level, we offer discussion groups and workshops designed to empower educated Tibetan women, and we provide women with the resources and training they need to put their ideas into action.

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